Hi, we present a range of complimentary teaching aids and workbooks to use in the classroom or at home– in both print and digital format. We aim to raise reading standards and to develop literacy skills, with our ‘fun for kids’ phonic reading resources. We also offer support for pupils aged 4-16 years. We highly recommend our comprehension and creative writing resources - which build confidence and develop imagination.

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An eight year old boy, called William, is the reason the Guinea Pig reading scheme exists. He was a very reluctant reader, who had barely made a start in acquiring literacy, but with our scheme, he had fluency in nine months

Learn To Read With Phonics

Why labour teaching your child to read? This scheme is a fast, fun way to teach a child to learn to read, in only 8 books. Read the stories together and match the words. Follow the humorous adventures of Sam and his friends, as you build up a series of phonic sounds. You and your child will be on the road to fluency in as little as 6 months.


Mission Spelling Zero

Zoggy is a superhero alien, from fictional planet Zen. He features in our new series of supplementary reading and spelling books for children aged 4-8, in which you climb the rainbow as you move through the levels.


We have also created a range of supplementary worksheets and games to use alongside this scheme.

We have also created a range of supplementary worksheets and games to use alongside this scheme.

We have also created a range of supplementary worksheets and games to use alongside this scheme.


Our writing books are designed to help children express their ideas; to make their imagination run wild; and to encourage them to write. We believe in saturating even the most reluctant writers (whose minds go blank) with ideas and good vocabulary. All of our writing books teach students how to write fluently for a wide range of purposes and audiences.

Time To Read & Write Series

Teaches children, age 6-9, essential reading and writing skills. Each book is full of starting points to teach children to love writing and encourage them to write down their own ideas. This series will help students develop confidence and build on the work they do at school.

Creative Writing Tutor

Twelve themed creative writing booklets that prepare students, age 9-13, for more advanced writing. Includes many helpful hints and tips to improve writing style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. A great resource for stretching fast workers and preparing for 11+.

Get Going With Creative Writing

A lively, up-to-date and action packed series of five themed study books that encourage children, age 7-11, to write. These books have a lively magazine style format, featuring short stories to read and a variety of non-fiction texts that will impact young readers and provide starting points for writing.

Write Good English

An essential series that teachers students, age 9+, all the skills they need to write fluently for a wide range of purposes and audiences. Each book includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by children and helpful hints and tips to help them to gain top grades.

Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

Our spelling, grammar and punctuation books will enable all students to attain the skills they need to write their ideas down accurately. Simple to understand and lots of fun, they will inspire even the most reluctant students.

Mission Spelling

A crash course to succeed in spelling with phonics, learn spelling rules and improve vocabulary. Follow the adventures of Zoggy, as he explores Planet Earth and guides students through a structured course that contains a treasury of spelling activities.

Learning With History

Join Horace, the time travelling tabby cat, as he leads you on an adventure through Ancient Rome. Each book includes a story and a series of follow up graded exercises to help improve spelling, grammar, punctuation and basic comprehension skills.

Improve Your English

This essential guide concentrates on teaching students to write English correctly, using perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. It provides a series of exercises with answers, so he or she can practise their skills and improve their vocabulary. A must have for any child whose work is let down by poor spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.


Exam Success

These books will help you achieve top marks in all your exams.

SATs Practice Papers

Prepare to attain top grades in the SATs with our range of grammar, punctuation, spelling and comprehension practice tests. All the tests are based upon the corresponding assessment sample papers and are therefore, like sitting the real exam.

How Do I Improve My Grades in GCSE Writing?

A clear, concise revision guide to boost your grade in GCSE writing, written by a tutor who is familiar with the requirements of the new GCSE examination. It is so simple you can use it for last minute revision.

Bedtime Stories

"Dan dreams and in his dreams, a spacecraft is landing. An alien is getting out. This is no ordinary alien, but Zoggy, the super alien hero, from faraway Planet Zen..."

These books are bang up-to-date, full of lessons to be learned and will be loved by children of 3 to 7 years


Check out the gang at Mathsland School. You can trust them to give kids a helping hand with maths basics. Lively cartoon characters, (such as Felicity Factor and Max Multiple) will help your children practise the areas of the National Curriculum, in maths, they struggle with most. Answers are included.