Zoggy ‘Wants’... or ‘Desires’ His Own Car (Breakthrough In Vocabulary) 7-11 years

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Zoggy spies on the work places of Earth’ and ‘Zoggy drives a car’

‘Zoggy Spies On The Work Places Of Earth’

Zoggy spies on the work places of Earth, but it doesn't take him long to come up with better word choices for the word 'goes'. Replace the words in bold with better words and then check your answers.

‘Zoggy 'Drives’ A Car’

As Zoggy drives a car, suggest better words to fill the gaps. Choose one of the suggested words or add one of your own.

'Breakthrough In Vocabulary Work Packs' are unique, in that they set out to teach children to use higher level or better vocabulary. They are a 'must have' guide to improve your child's writing. These packs demonstrate to children that they need not overuse 'boring words' like nice, got and said, because there are much more impressive words.

Our lovable character, Zoggy, the alien from planet Zen, encourages the pupil to work through the packs with him - providing humorous anecdotes about his stay on Earth. There are plenty of exercises to complete, including vocabulary tests exploring the meanings of words.

By the end of this book, the child should have expanded his vocabulary and be able to use better words in his or her own writing.

7 pages