Time To Read & Write series: Books 1-4 (6-9 years) Print Version

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Time To Read And Write Series (6-9 years) Complete series of books 1-4)

Book 1: Let's Imagine And Write A Story

A collection of traditional tales for your child to read and then write their own version. Encourage them to use their imagination and to reinvent the story. For example, they could alter the plot and introduce a new ending. Trialled by children of 6-9 years in our tutorial classes, we believe that if we saturate young children with good ideas and vocabulary, they will learn to love writing. We recommend that you work through the book with younger children. Discuss the characters and where the story takes place; talk about how the story will begin; how it will continue; how it will build up to the most exciting part and how it will end. Older children will be able to work through the book themselves.

Book 2: Time To Write Letters And Facts

A lively collection of ideas to improve your child's writing. He or she will learn to set out a letter and to write using facts and opinions.

This book is a starting point to get your child to enjoy writing. All the ideas have been trialled in tutorial classes, with children of 6-9 years. For younger children, we advise that the adult works through the book with the child. Older children, who are fluent readers, will have fun completing the book themselves.

If we saturate our children with good ideas and vocabulary in the early years, we can assist them in their writing and build on the work they do at school.

Book 3: Time To Write A Diary

This lively workbook encourages children, of 6-9 years, to write down their own ideas in the form of an informal diary. Writing a diary or 'news' about personal experiences, in your own words, is a wonderful way to get your child writing freely. Your child will also have a record of what he or she has done, which will be fun to read in the future. A real child's diary has been included, written by a 7 year old, to inspire young writers to record even the smallest details of their daily life. There are also helpful hints on building up sentences to improve writing techniques.

Book 4: Let's Practise Our Reading Comprehension

A collection of interesting articles to help your child practise essential reading comprehension skills. Each passage contains a series of questions, which
requires the child to retrieve facts and explain information from texts... or to offer ideas as to what the writer is implying. Every passage contains (vocabulary) word exercises, encouraging the child to search for words or phrases with the same meaning. This book has been trialled by children of 6-9 years and has proved to be a valuable resource, that helps a child prepare for comprehension papers later on e.g. for 11+ examinations.