There’s An Alien In Danger At The Sea (Print Edition)

Zoggy, the alien, is whinging because he is too hot and has to download some beach things, he has forgotten to bring. He refuses to play in the sand with Dan because he does not see the point in digging on such a hot day. Instead, he shows off, downloading a much superior sandcastle, than tche one Dan has made. But, while he is bragging, the tide comes in. Can anyone help an alien in trouble?

Guinea Pig Education presents the Zoggy the Alien series about a cute little alien who lands on Earth. Will he be accepted? What will he feel as he tries to fit in with life on Earth? This series introduces inclusiveness as Zoggy finds out that he is loved and accepted. He is given help with all those things he meets like fear and anxiousness. Yes, these books are bang up-to-date, full of lessons to be learned and will be loved by children of 3 to 7 years.


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