Write About An Outing I Have Enjoyed (7-11 years)

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Write About An Outing I Have Enjoyed

In this pack, the child is asked to read the descriptions about a trip to the common and then write their own detailed description about a visit to a park or common. They should put in lots of little interesting facts and opinions.

Next, the child is asked to write about an outing they have been on with their parents, school or holiday club, adding their own facts and opinions. Before they start, ask the child to make a list of interesting verbs, adjectives and adverbs that they can use in their writing. They should try using some literary devices, like similes, metaphors and alliteration as well.

This series provides prompts to encourage children to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. In fact, the writer regularly dips into these packs for her own tutorial classes. With their lively 'magazine style' format, they are an ideal study aid to consolidate work on planning and writing stories and non fiction articles, expanding vocabulary and include many examples of children's work. As well as this, the packs contain some very useful tips on writing techniques (as in writing simple, compound and complex sentences). The work in these packs will inspire children, who are practicing for exams, to write, and provide starting points for even the most reluctant writer, including those children with special educational needs and where English is a second language.

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