Mission Spelling Series (Complete Series Books 1-4) (7-11 years) Print Versions

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The Mission Spelling series features an alien, Zoggy, a spelling genius from Planet Zen, who travels millions of miles across space to Earth, only to find that children need EXTRA PRACTICE with spelling. It is a dynamic series, including four books, that is guaranteed to help improve spelling and enable all reluctant writers to attain the skills they need to get their ideas down accurately. Books 1-3 aim to present spelling in a fun way, using bold, cartoon style illustrations and a zany but loveable character called Zoggy. Book 4 encourages children to use more advanced vocabulary and to steer clear of boring words like nice and got. These four books: Pinpoint words that cause difficulty, Teach spelling rules, Use phonics to help children build up words for spelling, Expand vocabulary and introduce harder words, Provide fun exercises and tests for practise.