Maths Progress Test: Age 12

Our maths tests for home and school assess the mathematical ability of children according to their age.

If your child is 9, in his current school year, I suggest you work through Maths Test for 9 year olds. However, if you know your child has a higher or lower ability in maths, select a suitable test e.g. 10 years, 8 years.

As a tutor and primary school teacher, I have been administrating these tests for over 25 years to determine the child’s a!ainment in maths. I usually allow 45/50 minutes for a test. I also sit beside children who need help reading questions - but I encourage them to answer all questions without help, leaving out any they do not understand for a true score.

The tests contain especially chosen questions to test a wide range of mathematical concepts. taught at a particular age - number, measure, shapes, recording data. They examine your child’s ability to interpret different tasks: computational skills, reasoning skills, solving problems and recalling facts.

The raw score is your child’s mark out of the total number of questions, e.g. 50. If he or she scores 38 out of 50, he or she has got 76%. if you would like a standardised score to see your child’s average, please email [email protected] with your child’s raw score and date of birth in years and months.

Have fun doing the test. If your child is stressed, stop and resume the test.

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