Lots Of Writing Tasks: The Circus Comes To Town (7-13 years)

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Lots Of Writing Tasks: The Circus Comes To Town

In this pack, the child is asked to work through a series of exercises to practice: retrieving information, punctuation, simple, compound and complex sentences, first and third person, connectives and parts of speech.

The child is asked to plan a circus story, developing their ideas under headings. They should use the prompts to develop further ideas and write a story with a beginning (introducing characters, setting and plot), a middle and an ending.

Next, they should write an argument voicing their opinion on whether they agree or disagree with animals performing in the circus. After this, they should make an acrostic poem.

This series of work packs provides prompts to encourage children to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. Featuring a lively, 'magazine style' format to appeal to children of all abilities, these packs are particularly recommended as preparation for creative writing tasks at 11+ or S.A.T.S.

The writer herself often dips into the lively collection of imaginative stories and non fiction articles, to teach her students in tutorials. The packs feature detailed prompts on how to plan and write stories and letters, as well as help with non fiction tasks - writing diaries, reports and persuasive leaflets. There is also plenty of practice in writing techniques - variation of sentences, connectives and grammar and punctuation tips.

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