Let’s Practise Maths: Decimals (9-12 years)

Let’s Practise Decimals With Daring Donna Decimal.

A large resource, with 57 pages of questions on decimals.

A comprehensive guide to understanding decimals. We have devised these packs as a supplementary aid to learning maths. They are designed to help teach the problem areas your child struggles with most. Through my work as a tutor, I discovered that children would have problems with particular areas in maths – subtraction and equivalent fractions, for example. Sometimes, children find it hard to get their head round these difficult concepts. I found that most textbooks contained only a couple of pages of exercises to work through, which does not solve the problem. Therefore, I have devised some structured packs that deal with each subject in greater detail, giving the child loads of examples to work through. If they work through the packs ‘the penny will drop’ and they will grasp the concept.

Answers included.

57 pages

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