Let’s Practice Spelling (Pack 4) (9-12 years)

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9 pages

A series of spelling test workbooks to practice with your child/children.

These tests are based on the spelling tests given to 11 year olds in their S.A.T.S.

The words have been carefully chosen to suit the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Spellings included in each workbook consist of typical words used in S.A.T.S at 10/11 years. These include:

Prefixes Endings Homophones Silent letters Soft g as in ge,gi and gy (gym) Endings with …able and …ible Endings with …ure Words with ei,eigh,ey Suffixes as in ous and silent o Endings with …ion Words with ch sounds as in parachute Word endings including: ant ence ancy ent ably ibly tion sion ssion cian