Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument (9-14 years) Print Version

Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument (ISBN 9780955831515) is an essential guide for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations. It is the second book in the Teach your child to write good English series. Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument has been written by an experienced teacher and tutor and written with the needs of children in mind.

This book concentrates specifically and in depth on the art of persuasive writing and creating a good argument. These are key skills required by the National Curriculum up to GCSE level. It is specifically targeted at Key Stage 2 and 3 (ages 9-14 years) but will also be a valuable resource for those taking GCSE up to grades C and above. It contains material suitable for UK National Curriculum SATS, for those taking 11+ entrance examinations, for GCSE exams and for students learning English as a foreign language.

Learning Persuasive Writing will enable the student to write convincingly in letters, leaflets, brochures and newspaper articles for example. The book also sets out how to write a well-balanced argument. It teaches the pupil how to structure their writing, putting forward a point of view, backing it up with convincing evidence, building up a relevant counter argument and knocking it down, as well as, putting forward their own comments and opinions. It focuses on discursive writing enabling the pupil to examine points for and against in a variety of subjects suitable for older children and teenage readers, healthy eating, fashion, social issues and many more. It includes a lively collection of writings, poems and a play to inspire the pupil. These are designed as starting points, ideal for the pupil who finds it difficult to think up ideas for writing, challenging them to recreate their own persuasive pieces.

In addition to this the book teaches organisational and literary devices in persuasive writing, including, figurative language, emotive words, repetition, connectives and use of good vocabulary. The student will learn how to consider writing for the appropriate audience, how to vary sentence types in order to make writing more interesting, and the importance of using good spelling, punctuation and grammar. They will learn vital essay writing skills that will assist their studies in other areas of the curriculum.

Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument, includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by children and provides practice questions to test them. Common errors made by students are highlighted and corrected. It is packed with vital hints and tips to enable the pupil to be successful and gain good grades. Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument is ideal for home study and will reinforce the work done in school. It is a companion to the other books in our series, Creative Story Writing and Information Writing. By working methodically through this book the student will grow in confidence and will learn to enjoy writing.

107 pages

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