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Guinea Pig Education is proud to be launching an exciting, new revolutionary phonic reading scheme. Learn To Read With Phonics teaches reading rapidly, in as little as six months PROVEN! Children love reading about the humorous adventures of Sam and his friends. They hardly realise that within each fun story are disguised phonic sounds. Learning to read with Guinea Pig has never been so easy or so much fun.

This exciting scheme has been written by a teacher and tutor catering for the needs of the children she teaches. The scheme works well with young children starting out on reading. At the same time, it is ideal for older children who have failed to reach targets in literacy, for those who have experienced particular learning difficulties or where English is a second language. This scheme helps the student catch up fast.

Pre Readers 1 and 2 are designed to start children reading who have not done any reading before. They are a starting point for learning to read with phonics. Children can start at three or four, if they are ready to concentrate.

The Pre Reader books introduce the 26 sounds of the alphabet, the skills of sounding out words with phonics and blending phonic sounds to make three and four letter words. The child (children) should practise the material each day and move on only when the child is familiar with the material. The course is structured. Each new sound builds on the one that went before.

Beginner Reader Books 1-6 are a structured course that systematically introduces new sounds, each one building on the ones that went before.

Book 1 teaches blends like frog and milk and 'ck' syllable words.

Book 2 includes the sounds 'ch', 'th', 'sh', 'ee', 'oo', 'ar', 'or', 'ur', 'ir', 'er' and magic or silent 'e'.

Book 3 teaches the sounds, 'ea', 'oa', 'ai', 'ay', 'oi', 'oy' and 'y'.

Book 4 includes the sounds, 'soft c', 'soft g', double consonants, 'ing' words and magic e.

Book 5 teaches the sounds 'ou' and 'ow', 'au' and 'aw' and endings and beginnings 'gh', 'ght', 'wa', 'qua' and 'war'.

Book 6, the last book in the series, includes sounds like 'ough', 'all', 'ought', 'gue', 'que', 'ine', 'ue', 'ew', 'ul', 'el', 'le', 'ee', 'ie', 'ei', 'tion' and suffixes and prefixes.

The child is encouraged to read each sound chapter several times and to learn the words using the matching activities with the help of an adult. When he or she is familiar with the material they can move on.

By the end of Book 6, the child will be able to read 'solo' reading books by renowned authors for children of 8 years or above recommended by leading retailers