Improve Your English As A Foreign Language: The Ultimate Guide (8 years+) Print Version

'Improve Your English As A Foreign Language' is the ULTIMATE GUIDE to COMPLETE FLUENCY in ENGLISH WRITING.

Do you find it difficult to understand English speakers? If so, you need this book.

This quirky book is quick and easy to work through and it is suitable for all ages (8+), though you need to have a sense of humour.

Our humorous character ‘Zoggy’ will guide you in how to:

* expand your vocabulary
* improve your skills in English grammar

English expressions often baffle foreign speakers, so we have included lists of idioms, proverbs and similes, which are in common usage.

It also shows the reader how to set out letters, personal statements and CVs.

By the time you have worked your way through this book, your command of English will be at a much higher standard.

123 pages

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