Horace Visits A Roman Town (age 7-11 years) Print Version

A lively set of English workbooks for 7-11 year olds featuring stories about a cat s travels. Each book contains a series of graded English exercises to help spelling, punctuation and grammar. Featuring a cute character, Horace, this series enables the reader to travel back in time using Horace s latest technology, the i-collar. In this series, Horace visits Ancient Rome; exploring a Roman Villa, a Roman Town and the Roman Army. The stories are brimming over with fascinating facts about life in Roman times and also include Horace s opinions as he sees life through a cat s eyes. A series guaranteed to stretch the imagination; they will also challenge fluent readers with new vocabulary and give him or her practice in exercises featuring grammar, punctuation, spelling and basic comprehension. The text is illustrated throughout with bold, dynamic, cartoon style illustrations that will capture the child's imagination.

48 pages

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