COMPLETE Structured Phonic And Spelling Scheme (Mission Spelling Zero Series)

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Complete 43 Book Mission Spelling Zero Phonics And Spelling Scheme. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange And Red series. Included in this resource, as a bonus, are 7 work books accompanying the first two levels.

Introducing you to our brand new ‘Mission Spelling Zero’ scheme. Help your child/ren to take their first steps in reading and spelling, with this exciting structured course.

Mission Spelling Zero is a series of books in 7 levels, one for each colour of the rainbow, aimed to help young learners gain first reading and spelling skills.

First, let me introduce you to a new character that your child/ren will love learning with. He is an innovation – an alien from a distant planet – but a wizard when it comes to his computer skills. There is no problem he cannot solve.

Zoggy will introduce your child/ren to the initial sounds - in his own stories and then build on that base, teaching double consonant blends and vowel digraphs.

When your child moves up the levels of the rainbow his phonic skills will be a tool that will accelerate future learning

‘Mission Spelling Zero’ also offers a new, exciting series of writing booklets – so your little learners can practice their hand writing skills, write first sentences and play the games which will consolidate their learning.

Let’s start reading and spelling with Mission Spelling Zero.

There is also a work book for each book (sold in a separate resource). These work books provides follow up activities, that build on the phonic sound work taught in the books e.g. reinforcement of letter sounds, tracing and writing letters and words and a simple comprehension, based on the story.